Is Crime Stoppers really anonymous?

Yes. We do not know who the tipster is.



Can someone find out that I made a Crime Stoppers tip about a certain crime?

No. Tips are completely confidential. Only if you tell someone will anyone know!



How is it anonymous when I send a text message?

Easy! We spend $1200.00 a year to use special software that is designed to keep the tipster anonymous. When we receive the tip we do not get your name or number but we can still communicate with you.





How much money will I be paid?

It depends on the tip. We pay a minimum of $20.00 up to $350.00. It could be more in certain cases.



How quick will I receive my money?

Our average time to pay is 24 hours.



How do I receive my money?

There is a confidential process to get it to you at school.



Can I make a tip in person?

Yes. You can give the tip to one of your administrators, but we really prefer you text tip the crime.



When should I report a tip?

If you see something, say something. Don’t wait, tip as soon as possible. You can update your tip with new information.

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